Procomex Solutions

Procomex has intelligent solutions for the most diverse operations in foreign trade. Our team has ample experience in import and export and acts in the service of four main fronts: Follow, Start-up, Advantage and Procurement. These services can be customized for the specific necessity of each customer.


The full management of the import and export operation, made in a clear and objective way, providing a precise information of each step of the process.

Procomex as a foreign trade intelligence service provider, deliveries to its clients the highest level of strategic knowledge and operational in import and export business, making their operations more efficient and optimized, as well as allowing our customers to concentrate their energies in the core business of the company.

The PROCOMEX follow-up provides to our customers the facility to have only one information source of all steps of the process, from the international negotiation to the delivery of the product in the customer warehouse.

One of our managers will always be responsible for the process, analysing and following the efficiency of the services providers involved in the operation, searching for better results, always delivering fresh and precise informations to the customer.


For companies that wish start the import and export operations, Procomex provides a complete service to guide and follow the start-up process in order to operate in Foreign Trade.

We aim to fully customize our client’s company so that it becomes able to initiate import and export operations, as well as reducing the time of involvement with the bureaucracy of this whole process.

Its a full support, either for companies in the set up process or for companies already structured that wish start to import and export.


PROCOMEX seeks competitive advantages for its clients’ imports, such as the implementation of special import regimes and also the provision of tax benefits that reduce the costs of the process when the operation is carried out through the ports of Santa Catarina. We operate with Operations by Account and Order of Third Parties and also with Special Regimes that can be briefly defined as follows:

Operation per account and order of third parties:

In this operation, the customer is responsible for the international payment to the supplier, as well as for the anticipation of the resources for the payment of import taxes and duties. The process is performed by PROCOMEX, with customer resources and with a readjustment of its operational logistics;

Special Customs Regimes:

PROCOMEX carries out the study of viability and follow-up process as Drawback, Bonded Warehouse and Temporary Admission process, in addition operations using EX-tariffs and other special import and export regimes.


It is the search and development of international suppliers with quality and competitive prices in front of the search parameters predetermined by the customer, as well as in carrying out the feasibility study of the operation and the international market price trends.

The viability study will reveal the tendency of prices and availability of the product in the international market, in order to make possible a strategic and intelligent purchasing system.

Beyond the development of suppliers, quotations and analysis of market trends, we use the most modern negotiation methodologies to deal with the most diversified cultures.

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